Cleanest Energy is the not Utilized Energy

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EYODER conducts its activities with the vision of developing energy efficiency through broad participation and a campaign spirit, making it a central topic in energy policies and practices. It aims to establish strong communication among stakeholders in this field within a value chain framework. EYODER maintains close contacts with all individuals and legal entities involved in the sector and provides support for various works related to energy efficiency.

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According to data spanning several years, Türkiye continues to maintain its status as a developing country, and long-term series also indicate that the upward trajectory of economic growth in Türkiye will not change.

The Energy Efficiency and Management Association is the only non-governmental organization in Türkiye that aims to create synergy by bringing together authorized Energy Efficiency Services (EVD) companies, energy managers, professionals working in the energy efficiency sector, academic staff, companies, institutions, organizations, banks, financial companies, and experts. The association’s goal is to elevate its members to international standards in terms of technological and organizational levels.

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Energy Efficiency and Management Association

EYODER is the only Turkish non-governmental organization aiming to bring together authorized Energy Efficiency Services (EVD) companies and stakeholders engaged in the field, with the awareness that Energy Efficiency is the most important solution to combat energy poverty, ensure energy justice, and reduce energy imports and dependency. EYODER strives to promote the healthy development of the Energy Efficiency sector in Türkiye under free market conditions.