About Us

The Energy Efficiency and Management Association (EYODER) is a non-governmental organization that has been operating since its establishment in 2010 with the aim of promoting energy efficiency and enhancing the capacity of individuals and organizations involved in this field. EYODER’s mission is to bring together energy efficiency services (EVD) companies that have received training and certification and have been authorized to fulfill the duties specified in the Energy Efficiency Law for buildings and industrial facilities, energy managers, as well as relevant sectoral organizations, unions, associations, banks, and producer-implementer companies.


Our Association

EYODER operates with the vision of developing energy efficiency through broad participation and a spirit of campaign, making it a central focus of energy policies and practices. It aims to establish strong communication among the actors involved in this field, following a value chain logic. EYODER maintains close contact with all individuals and legal entities in the sector and provides support for all types of work related to energy efficiency.



As a country with high external dependence on primary energy sources, resulting in a significant net energy import, Türkiye strongly needs energy efficiency to strengthen its own energy supply security and manage the trade deficit and current account balance issues arising from energy imports. On the other hand, we are entering a period in which binding agreements are being signed and long-term emission reduction targets are being set to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is known that energy efficiency is one of the most effective tools/methods in terms of achievable emission savings.

Our Goals and Objectives

According to data spanning several years, Türkiye continues to maintain its status as a developing country, and long-term series also indicate that the upward trajectory of economic growth in Türkiye will not change. As a result of these circumstances, Türkiye has not yet reached a state of saturation in terms of energy consumption. While there may be changes in the components of economic growth and the weight of sub-sectors, Türkiye’s energy demand will continue to align with growth for a longer period.

Within the context of these given conditions, EYODER has adopted the principle that the cheapest and most readily accessible form of energy is “saved energy” and recognizes energy efficiency as a “new energy source.” Its fundamental aim is to contribute to energy efficiency in our country.

Within the framework of its main objective of “contributing to energy efficiency”, EYODER aims to create synergy by bringing together energy managers, authorized energy efficiency services (EVD) companies, professionals working in the energy efficiency sector, academics contributing to the field through their work, companies engaged in energy efficiency with their products and services, banks, non-banking financial institutions, and experts. It strives to bring its members closer to international standards of technological knowledge and implementation capacity while working in close collaboration with relevant public institutions.